Story: David McNeice | East Windsor

After suffering a devastating loss, police officer David McNeice vowed to do what he could to help others. In doing so, he began to heal himself.

David recorded his story at the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center in Wethersfield on Tuesday, March 3, 2015. See more photos from that day >


  1. Fr. Daniel B. Brunton 4 years ago

    You work & words are why I regret the way that our Country reacts to our POLICE Authority. I’ve never met,in my 80 years of life,any person that did not think or act like you have done. I knew your family & I can see how you came about as the Caring, Loving Son that you are. Keep up the great work and may the “good Lord” continue to shine on you & hold you in the palm of his hand!

    • David McNeice 3 years ago

      Thank you so much for your kind words Fr. Brunton.

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