What is Words to Give By?

Words to Give By is a community-based storytelling project created to find, record and share moments of everyday generosity. In 2015, participants were interviewed at one of several locations throughout Greater Hartford. In 2016, Words to Give By is back for a second season, recording at five locations. For a complete list of locations, including dates and times, click here. If you have a story of everyday generosity to share, click here to sign up now!

What happens with the raw interviews that are not edited into final stories?

The interviews will be cataloged at area public libraries, accessible to all. More details on this to come.

Who is supporting this project, and why are you doing this?

Words to Give By is a partnership between the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and WNPR. Together, we are helping to growing a Community of Kindness by finding, recording and sharing stories of everyday generosity.

We want to know how neighbors, friends, family – even strangers – have helped you or someone you know through tough times. By capturing and sharing these stories, we will uncover the everyday acts of kindness that typically go unheard.

Who can participate, and why?

Anyone in Connecticut is invited to be a part of Words to Give By.

For participants, it’s a chance to thank someone for their kindness, celebrate an unsung hero or inspire us with your own story of giving. Participants also walk away with the full version of the interview they recorded and the opportunity to participate in a community-wide storytelling project.

When can I hear the stories?

Some stories will air on WNPR each Wednesday at 3:04 p.m. and on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Morning Edition (6-9 a.m.). Others will live online on this website, and are available for sharing through Facebook and Twitter.

Who can I turn to with questions?

Contact WNPR’s Audience Care team at 860.275.7550 or [email protected].